Fat Fashion

The day after Thanksgiving might be one of the worst days of the year to get dressed…you feel fat, overstuffed and pretty lethargic after eating all that turkey!


So here’s my advice…skip the jeans/pants and go for a comfortable pair of leggings paired with a loose tunic and a cozy sweater. You’ll look stylish and put-together, but the loose layers will mask any post-holiday bulge and more importantly, you’ll feel comfortable. If you’re venturing out to shop, or have plans that go beyond channel surfing and vegging out on the couch, opt for a chic pair of flat boots instead of heeled shoes for added comfort.

And if this look is still too minimal for your taste, add a colorful scarf and/or and a wide belt to help define your waist… something we all need help with on this day and throughout the Holiday season!

Style Links: Cable Knit Cardigan $26.90, Plaid Tunic $26.90, Belt $6.80, Tights $9.50, Scarf $12.50 Boots $74.99, Handbag $19.99

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