Leather and Lace

picture-43I have a confession to make…

I totally lost all control at Saks (thanks Melissa!) and totally splurged on a pair of Christian Louboutin Sigourney “Shoeties”.  They were originally $1030 and I got them for $250!!  I have been dying for a pair of these and considering the pair I wanted at Baker’s was $84.99, spending an extra $160 for the Loubs seemed totally reasonable.  I’m having a bit of buyer’s remorse because I hate spending more than $100 on anything, so now I am brainstorming on all the possible outfits I can wear these with…  


One of the biggest trends this season has been lace and nothing goes better with lace, than leather.  I love the idea of pairing something as romantic and feminine as lace with something tough and edgy like leather, but there are some definite no-no’s when wearing this fabric.

1. A little lace goes a long way, so opt for lace accents…no head to toe lace please.

2. At the risk of looking like a streetwalker, stay away from colored lace and stick to black and nude.

And if you’re not comfortable in the Prada-inspired lace pieces, then try a great accessory, like shoes or a handbag instead.  Here are my picks for some of the best lace out there, and don’t worry, they’re all priced much lower than my fabulous new shoeties!!!

Style Links: Handbag $16.80, Vest $19.90, Lace Tights $19.99, Racerback Tank $28.00, Dress $40.80, Shoes $20.00, Silk Tank $7.99

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One response to “Leather and Lace

  1. jin

    wow. i love the lace items featured here. wish i have something like that.

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