Winter Woes


With snow already falling in Philadelphia, I can’t help but worry about the dreadfully long winter ahead…  For anyone that loves fashion as much as I do, getting dressed in the morning can be quite a challenge when the temperature barely gets above freezing and when there’s salty black mush around every corner waiting to ruin your beautiful leather boots.  So, how in the world do you look like your most fashionable self while not freezing to death during your morning commute??

shoes_iaec1045185For starters, if my feet are warm, then everything else is warm so start with a great pair of boots.  Although I wear my Uggs around my house and to run errands when I’m just too lazy to get dressed, they do NOT qualify as footwear.  I’m talking about a great weather-friendly boot, like these Hunter ones with the fleece liner for added warmth.  These not only make you look like a total English countryside badass, but they keep your tootsies dry and more importatnly, warm. 


Next, it’s all about the accessories.  Just because it’s grey and dreary outside doesn’t mean you have to dress to match the weather.  Pick brightly colored scarves, hats and gloves to add a pop of color to your look and inject some fun into your outfit.  And don’t be afraid to mix colors and patterns!  Also, if you plan on wearing a skirt or dress in the Winter don’t forget a thick pair of sweater tights.  These are much warmer than your average pair of cotton ones and they will help protect your legs from the frigid cold air. 

Finally, layer and layer some more.  Nothing will keep you warmer throughout the day…and you can always take something off if you get too hot.  The key here is to avoid bulky layers so you don’t end up look bulky too!  Stick to lots of thin layers, like this great thermal tee under a wool sweater dress, and top if off with a heavy belted wool coat (or cape) that will help define your shape under all those clothes.

Style Links: Hat $5.50, Scarf $8.80, Dress $36.90Cape $49.00

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  1. Britt

    I completely agree! I opted for a goldish-yellow wool pea coat by DKNY this season (snagged it from Marshalls for half-off!). I get compliments from strangers on the street all the time. It brightens my day. I say, go against the weather! Add some sunshine – after all, it’s may be all we get until Spring!

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