Fall into Florals

I typically stay away from prints, but when I started seeing these beautiful florals on the runway and on some of my favorite GG stars, I couldn’t hold back anymore.  Now I’m quite aware that it’s winter-the high was only 32 in Philly today- and you typically associate flower prints with Spring, but wearing them now adds an element of surprise to your ensemble.  And in fashion, wearing the unexpected always scores major style points.  


I suggest adding edgier pieces, like a black leather jacket, a studded belt or some seriously rock-glam heels, to help break up the print and make it less girly.  Or if you want to channel Donna Reed, you could also go all out and pair it with a shrunken cardigan and strand of pearls for an ultra-feminine retro look.

Either way, you’re sure to look beautiful!

Style Links: Rose Dress $24.80, Floral Cami $24.50, Floral Coat $39.80, Strapless Floral Dress $24.80, Flower Pumps $24.99, Flower Cardigan $24.80


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