pLeather Leggings + McQueen =

picture-121AMAZING.  I’ve been talking about how much I adore my pLeather leggings for months now…they make me feel very cool, ultra sexy and like I should be the star of some punk rock band!  On a serious note, they really are one of the best ways I have ever spent $44.  From what I can tell,  many of you agree with me and have gone out and bought a pair of your very own.

Well, in case you still haven’t taken the pleather plunge, Alexander McQueen will include a pair of the “wet-look”, shiny legwear in his new collection for Target.  And in this latest campaign image, featuring his muse, Leila Moss, you can see that she’s not only sporting pleather leggings, but she’s also wearing my most coveted shoe for Spring 09–the ruffled beauties created by Christian Louboutin for Phillip Lim!!  

I am SO jealous!


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