Holiday Help from Herve Leger

36836_in_lI’m not one to issue a “correction” or regularly admit that I’m wrong…but today I must.

A few weeks ago I cleverly denounced sequin dresses as totally over and cursed the girls that still insist on wearing them to every holiday event from now until New Years…well, I take it all back.

Upon laying eyes on this Herve Leger masterpiece- also knows as his Sequin Ombre Bandage Dress– I quickly realized that sequins, in the right vehicle, can be really elegant and not at all reminiscent of pageant queens. I love the cut, color and pattern of this stunning dress and it hits all of the right party notes for the upcoming season. Unfortunately, it’s $2,800 and I just won’t be able to swing it come this Christmas…

but go ahead and wear all of your sequins proudly…this time, I promise not to judge! 😉


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One response to “Holiday Help from Herve Leger

  1. I just got done browsing your blog, I love it!

    I’ve been drawn to these herve leger dresses for awhile now but there is no WAY that I could ever afford one…do you know where I could find a cheap alternative or knock-off of these dresses?


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