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2267_i5_prada5the Prada Special Stones collection.  This new collection of handbags is one of their lower priced initiatives, in addition to their recently launched costume jewelry line.

While Prada customers might find a bag for $1000 a total steal, I surely do not…and my readers don’t either.  So here’s a great way to take a plain old clutch you might have lying around to the next level…add lots and lots of rhinestones!!!

You can easily pick up a bag of “flat back” stones at your local craft store.  Attach them by using a hot glue gun to your chosen handbag/clutch.  I personally like the Swarovski ones for their vibrant sparkle, but you can use just about any type of stone.

Here’s my best attempt at a “Frada (faux Prada) DIY Clutch”:



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2 responses to “Inspired by…

  1. EB

    That looks pretty darn close! I love it. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Hi CheapChica, fantastic work. I admire anyone who can find a way to save about $950!

    at Rings & Things

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