Crossbody Conversion

Saddle Bag $39.50

Saddle Bag $39.50

I’ve come to appreciate cross-body/shoulder bags a lot more over the last few days.  Blame it on the crappy weather we’ve been having in Philly, but carrying a handbag and an umbrella has been quite a challenge.  I can’t quite manage to keep both myself and my handbag dry, and holding two things at once while trying to check my Black Berry just doesn’t work for me.

I picked up a cross-body bag at a Thrift store over the weekend and it’s quickly become my new favorite accessory.  It instantly gives my outfit a totally different feel and the practicality-which I never thought I’d care about in a handbag- is pretty amazing!

Fold Over Turnlock Bag $9.99

Fold Over Turn-lock Bag $9.99

I’ve also noticed a lot of celebrities have been wearing the long shoulder bag out at night, which is actually pretty genius.  No more putting your clutch down at some sketchy club and having to check for it every two minutes…just thrown it over your shoulder and you know that’s it’s safe!  Lauren Conrad has been spotted all over LA with her new petite Chanel bag and I have to say, I think it looks really cute…there’s something very 80’s-tastic about it!

The bag to the right is a great option for an evening style shoulder bag, if your last trip to the Penny Arcade didn’t quite add up to an extra thousand dollars to spend on a Chanel one.


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