Dear CheapChica

My ex and I recently broke up, and I have not seen him in a month and a half.  Before we broke up I got him tickets to see a show in NYC…so on Wednesday we are going together because even though I’m still mad I just won’t let him go with his friend…it was my idea. So I need a killer outfit to wear when I see him.  I’m a size 12 so it has be cute, sophisticated and fit and I want to wear a skirt and boots…something I know he will love. Any ideas?


NYC Bound

Dear NYC,

I totally understand where you’re coming from and know how difficult it can be seeing an ex for the first time after a break-up.  The goal here is to look amazing, but not like you’re trying because we all know you don’t care…

picture-23I think a skirt and boots combo is a great place to start!  For you outfit, I chose clothes that were soft and romantic…think chiffon and pastel colors.  You also mentioned that you were a size 12- so I opted for this beautiful pleated sweater skirt in Ivory instead of a pencil skirt which can come off too tight, too severe and possibly too work-ish.  The lilac (a gorgeous color on anyone) top with the rosette details helps make the outfit feel very feminine and sexy without putting it all out there. 😉

Although it’s winter and you might be tempted to stay in a darker color palette, by choosing these lighter colors you’re outfit stands out from the crowd and says “I’m fun and confident”…always key when seeing an ex.  Not to mention, you’re going to see a show and the outfit should reflect that!

Since I did go girl-y and soft on the clothes, I did something a little more severe and edgy for your accessories….studded belt, chain link bag, etc.  I also added an amazing pair of knee high boots-these were a little pricey, but every woman should already have these in their closet…I mean is anything sexier than a pair of black knee-high boots??

Good luck, have fun and remember…you broke up with him for a reason!

Style Links: Rosette Top $21.99, Skirt $14.99, Belt $30.00, Handbag $44.00, Boots $179.99, Ribbon Bangles $15.50


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