Hat Help

14800197_41_bNot to brag, but I’ve always been told that I look good in hats.  I love the way the add interest to anything you wear and there’s no better way to cover up a bad hair day.

As of lately, I’ve been trying to add some more vintage inspired styles to my collection of chunky knit beanies and fedoras and thought about trying a bowler.  I saw a great picture of Rachel Bilson in one and thought she looked so hip and cute and they seemed easy enough to pull off…but then a montage of Ducky from Pretty in Pink quickly brought me back to reality.

I think the success of wearing this particular kind of hat has to do with the context it’s worn in and more importantly, with the confidence of the person wearing it.  I would only sport this style during daytime hours…maybe with a floral tiered mini-skirt, tights, flat boots with a tee and a blazer??  Oh what the hell–I’m going for it and if I do end up looking like an idiot, I can just pretend I’m wearing it to keep my head warm on a brisk Winter day! 😉

I found this one at Urban Outfitters and for only $24.99 it’s really tempting…


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