Young and Fabulous


I’m not typically jealous of 15 year olds, well with the exception of the GG‘s…but when they have better clothes, shoes and overall style than you, you gotta give credit where credit is due.

Meet my new hero, Jane Aldridge.  She’s 15, from Dallas (like me!), and has a wardbrobe that would make both Lily and Serena Vanderwoodsen jealous.   Her blog, Sea of Shoes, chronicles her daily outfits–with an emphasis on her AMAZING footwear, but what really got me is the incredible amount of personal style and innovation this young woman shows…

at her age I was wearing blazers from the Limited Too with button covers!!!



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2 responses to “Young and Fabulous

  1. Milly

    I check out her blog almost everyday..and i’m not 15 anymore (I wish)…her clothes and shoes are amazing….i would have never thought to dress like her at 15…Lucky Gal!

  2. yourbestfriend

    how bad do i want to be her, and her mom? le sigh.

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