The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly

Here’s a great article from BlackBook Magazine (a must read if you don’t already) that perfectly captures my thoughts on celebrity fashion “designers”….

We just don’t think it’s right for someone to use their celebrity status to convince people to buy things like a “Kimora Lee Simmons Blue Tunic Dress” or worse yet, the “Baby Phat Plus Size Scoop-Neck Sweater & Five-Pocket Jeans.” Fortunately, for all the countless duds — anyone familiar with Scarlett Johansson, Sadie Frost, Mandy Moore or 50 Cent’s lines?  We didn’t think so — there are a handful of winners…

While it’s been totally hit or miss lately with recent celebrity collections, some of these starlets should just stick to their day jobs and re-hire their old stylists…they have no business dolling out fashion advice or fashion designs when they can’t even dress themselves.  And yes Jessica Simpson, I am talking to YOU!



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2 responses to “The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly

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  2. Britt

    thank you! I overheard a woman compliment another on her purse while riding the public transit home from work. She replied it was a Jessica Simpson purse. They began discussing how talented and brilliant a woman she was; and how phenomenal it was she was expanding her starlet singing talents to the fashion industry. I tried not to vomit in seat next to me.

    1) the purse wasn’t all that.
    2) she is only as good as her producers.
    3) working for an art school that teaches thoughtful, creative students the fundamentals of fashion design and how to succeed in the industry through hard work and diligence, I find celebrity ins/crossovers insulting.

    (the only exception to this is, perhaps, Venus Williams, who pursued her interest in fashion by actually attending the Art Institute-Fort Lauderdale.)

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