The Great White Shirt

picture-2On a recent shopping trip with my wonderful mother-in-law I was introduced to Anne Fontaine. I didn’t know much about the designer, but I loved what I saw in her beautiful boutique….lots of Black and White and her signature Shirts. Many of the styles featured high necks, voluminous sleeves, beautiful details, like pleats and ruffles and others incorporated luxurious fabrics for an unexpected twist on the classic button down.

While Ms. Fontaine’s shirts were a little too pricey for me, they did get me thinking about what makes a white shirt great and of course, what you should look for when shopping for one.


L to R: Victoria’s Secret $38, Lauren by Ralph Lauren $47.70, Victoria’s Secret $38, Tadashi $103.90

1. Fit is key. Make sure the shirt has darts on both the front and back to give it a more fitted and feminine look.

2. Look for playful details. Ruffles and tuxedo pleats help up the style factor and increase the wearability.

3. Sleeves don’t have to be long. Try sleeveless, short sleeves, or even elbow length for a more lady-like look. Sleeves are also a great place where you can play with volume.

5. Bodysuits. One of the most annoying things about button downs is that they never stay tucked in. By adding a bodysuit element, it will ensure that the shirt will always stay clean and smoothly tucked in.


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  1. White shirts are so versatile! I love ones with extra detailing like ruffles.. so lovely!

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