Who Shops at JCPenny?

I do, I do!  Well, at least now I do.  Here’s a sneak peek at the look book for the new line- I [Heart] Ronson- from Charlotte Ronson exclusively at JCPenny.

“Available starting this February, the clothes bring Charlotte’s downtown, rock babe aesthetic to those who can’t shop in Soho, Los Angeles, or Tokyo, and it does it at rock bottom prices.”

While the styling is key to some of these looks, the pieces look adorable and I can’t wait to see it first hand in stores.  It’s been a million years since I’ve actually set foot in a JCPenny store, but this is more than reason enough to head back.

I love the color palette and come February, I’ll definitely be in the mood for all of these gorgeous shades of lilac and florals.  It also helps that the collection is priced from $15 to $65, while Ronson’s namesake contemporary line retails from $150 to $300.

After many failed “diffusion” (fancy industry word for cheap) lines from countless designers and celebrity “designers”, I’m really happy to see one that might actually succeed at blending affordability and their namesake style.


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