Caped Crusader

I saw a lot of superhero costumes out last night and it got me thinking about their most precious accessory…the cape!  I bought one on a recent trip to Canada and have been jonesing to wear it.  A cape is really unexpected and a much more stylish alternative to a coat.  I can’t wait to finally bust it out this weekend and feel very British and Sherlock Holmes-y in it!

I spent about $100 for my cape, so I was quite annoyed when I found this much cuter one from Justsweet on Macy’  It was $138, but it’s been marked down to $33.99 so you’re getting 75% off the original price.

And on a side note, if you want to try this look, make sure you purchase a cape with slits for your arms…otherwise, you’ll have to reach your hands out from under it to do anything…kind of annoying if you ask me.


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