A Little British Import

And no, I’m not talking about a crumpet…I’m talking about the incredibly fashionable Petite collection at ASOS.  For those of you that aren’t familiar with ASOS, it’s a less expensive version of Top Shop and what the Brit’s call a “high street” brand.  They carry everything from jewelry to scarves and of course a fabulous assortment of clothes…and now Petites!

While a lot of mass retailers, like Banana Republic and Old Navy, have added this department to their stores, I’ve found that the clothes is less than thrilling.  It’s great for your basics and good for work-clothes, but there really isn’t anything fashion forward or truly stylish.

At 5’1″, I always have to budget an extra $10-20 for tailoring on most purchases because it’s either too long or just too big.  When I came across this Petites deparment at ASOS it was a halleluja moment!  

Finally, someone recognized the need for high-fashion in small sizes…afterall, just because we’re not model-sized, doesn’t mean we don’t want to dress like one!  You can check out the full collection here and don’t worry…they ship to the USA!  

PS:  I just ordered both of the items pictured and I’ll get back to you on the fit when they arrive!



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3 responses to “A Little British Import

  1. How much do they charge for shipping to US?

  2. cheapchica11

    It was about $20 USD and it said it would arrive in 4-8 business days!

  3. Julia


    I have been ordering from ASOS for years now, and I think that they have the best clothes, at times they may lack in quality but the price and the selection definately makes up for it. And on top of that I think that you get clothes that you can’t get in the states. I think both things that you bought are cute and they should fit well. Enjoy!!!

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