You’re probably wondering what in the world this word means or if I was just being really creative after a long Saturday night out and thinking up new names for the pain that I’m feeling due to wearing my 4″ Louboutins while dancing all night???

Well ladies, stiletto-tarsal is a real condition- the London Times even wrote about it- and probably one that you’ve suffered from at some point in your  shoe-obsessed life.  It’s that agonizing pain you feel in the balls of your feet when the soft tissue is worn out by over-enthusiastic stiletto-wear, but now there’s a treatment for the pain.  How you ask????

Botox.  What we thought was just used to remove all facial expressions from today’s A-list actresses, is now being used to treat foot pain.  Injecting Botox into the balls of your feet plumps up the area and results in a loss of sensation, therefore allowing you to wear your 6″ heels without ever feeling an ounce of pain. Any takers??  On the plus side, it also gets rid of foot odor!


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