Not So Basic Basics

After watching the Olsens on O today (that’s Oprah in case you didn’t know) I was really inspired by their collection, The Row, and realized how important basics are to everyone’s wardrobe.  As much fun as it is to dress up and buy fun pieces, I think it’s imperative that every woman own the following basics:

1. Black Pants   2. Blazer   3. Cocktail Dress   4. Black Bag

5. Killer Heels   6.White Shirt   7. Layering Pieces

Row by cheapchica11
Now don’t get me wrong… just because they’re basic doesn’t mean they have to be boring.  That blue sequin, flutter sleeve cocktail dress is not your standard issue LDB!  These basics should be go-to pieces that you can use over and over again, for multiple occasions, and they should be able to go the distance in your wardrobe.

If you can afford it, invest in great fabrics and great tailoring since you’ll be wearing these things an awful lot, but but if you can’t quite swing those Balenciaga pants or a Phillp Lim jacket then just improvize like I did– everyithing pictuerd above is under $50– and find yourself a great tailor.  Nothing says luxe like a perfect fit!



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2 responses to “Not So Basic Basics

  1. I’ve been trying to find a good tailor forever! No such luck though. I love your blog concept by the way and totally agree that style does not have to be expensive. I’ll be following! =)

  2. Gini

    Well, the Olsen’s certainly shouldn’t be taking all the credit for “the basics”. Sounds like they stole that concept from Tim Gunn! Anyway, isn’t that common knowledge, really?

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