Little Pick Me Up

I always feel more put together, richer and (pardon the pun) polished when my nails are professionally manicured vs. when I DIY it…so whenever I’m feeling the need to spend but don’t have the funds to do so, I opt for an $8.00 manicure instead and leave the salon feeling like a new woman! Everything in my closet looks better with chic, dark nails!

And since it finally feels like Fall (and Halloween is right around the corner!) I can now start wearing my favorite polish colors which all tend to fall into what my Mom calls, “Elvira colors”.  These are your usual suspects:  Chocolate Browns, Rich Reds, Aubergines and the occasional Grey if my nails need a break from all the dark polish.

The best part is- a bottle of OPI only costs about $4.25 if you know where to look …click the bottles for an amazing deal on polish!



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2 responses to “Little Pick Me Up

  1. Molly

    Did you need a license number to buy these?

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