Dear CheapChica

I’m going to the NKOTB concert on Monday and I desperately need a cute outfit! Can you please help? Also, skinny jeans are a definite and I’d also like to try your “shoeties” suggestions so please build around that!


Viva the 80’s

Dear Viva,

I love getting requests and would be happy to help!!!  BTW, I’m totally jealous that you get to see my favorite childhood crushes bring back all of their 80’s glory on stage!  Here are some options that are both concert-friendly and also go with your aforementioned skinny jeans. 
NKOTB by cheapchica11

Left Outfit: Top $19.99, Belt $7.80Hat $19.50, Clutch $16.50, Shoes $24.80

Right Outfit: Top $22.80, Necklace $26.50, Clutch $10.99, Stud Bangle $6.50Shoes $69.99

NOTE: Both top options are meant to be worn off the shoulder in true 80’s fashion…it’s just not possible to illustrate that on Polyvore!


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