Turning 28 in Style

Nothing is harder than picking out an outfit for your birthday party…you want to look sexy, stylish and sophisticated and of course, be the belle of the ball!  My BFF’s birthday is this weekend and here’s an outfit that I think would look great on her…  and if it’s not your birthday, this outfit would also look great on a date!
The dress is flirty, lightweight enough to dance the night away, and the because the layers are loose and flowy, the dress will move with you and be super comfortable.  No one needs to feel suffocated in a too tight dress on their birthday!  

The motorcycle jacket is a must because it gives the dress more of an edge and it’s getting way too cold for bare shoulders.  In this case, the accessories totally make the outfit.  The add personality and some much needed shine to the look without being too sparkly!  But, my favorite part of the outfit is the shoeties!  I originally picked out heels, but then decided that they were too predictable.  I think these are a much better pairing and I love that they’re unexpected.  They also add some of that same edge brought in by the jacket… 

Bring on the champagne and I can’t wait to celebrate!!  Happy Birthday Melis!


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