House of Harlow

Nicole Ritchie recently launched her new line of accessories, House of Harlow 1960, named after her adorable daughter.   The collection is inspired by her signature style (which I’m a huge fan of) but it’s also influenced by Nicole’s love of the 60s and 70s…too bad the prices aren’t.  The collection, ranging from $30-$300, will debut in the new Kitson store on Melrose when it opens in November.  If you’re not in LA, you can also find it on

Since you’re reading this blog, you probably aren’t so keen on spending $300 for a bracelet… but have no fear!  You can find plenty of items out there that will have this same feeling for a much more wallet-friendly price.  You can also achieve that vintage look by mixing old with new and mixing textures that wouldn’t traditionally go together…like lucite and leather.

Here are a few great bracelets that I put together based on the HoH ads for the collection.  As you can see…the more the merrier and by adding pops of color throughout the set you can really achieve an eclectic and unique look.  BTW, my whole stack only costs $34!

I happen to LOVE the purple suede ring she’s wearing, but I couldn’t quite find something exactly like it online.  For now, this gemstone version will have to do and for only $3.80 it’s a must-buy.  

My favorite part about all of these pieces is that while they all look great on their own, they will look even better mixed in with jewelry that you already own!


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