CheapChica Shopping Tip

Every Tuesday, I’ll be posting a new tip to help you on your quest to saving money while still looking chic and not sacraficing one ounce of style! 

Tip for 10/21/08:  Make a shopping list before you go and stick to it!

Approach this as if you were going to the grocery store for your weekly shopping trip…you’d look up some recipies, take note of what you already have, make a list of all the ingredients your missing and only shop for those. 

Starty by looking at magazines and find pictures of the look you’re trying to achieve.  This will not only help you get inspired, but it will also open your eyes to new trends and new ways of putting clothes together.  Next, write down the looks you want and list out all of their components…shoes, accessories, etc.  Check your closet to see what you already own that could also work for this look and be creative…just because the outfit calls for a V-neck doesn’t mean a crew neck won’t work.   Once you take inventory, write down a list of items to purchase and then commit to buying only those things.

Lastly, DO NOT SHOP ON CREDIT CARDS!!  If you don’t have the cash to buy it, they you can’t have it.  Period.  Please also watch Suze Orman and pay attention this time!

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