Studs and Spikes

In no way do I think these shoes appeal to everyone, or are even wearable… unless of course, you’re a Dominatrix or Victoria Beckham, but they were specially designed for Rodarte‘s Fall 2008 collection and if you’re familiar with the label then the shoes make perfect sense.

I’m really enjoying all of the collaborations between Louboutin and the slew of amazing designers he has crafted one-of-a-kind, red soled art for and I can’t wait to see more avant-garde and jaw-dropping desings from my favorite shoe maker!

After seeing these pictures, I spent the morning wondering:

A) Where I can get a pair?

B) Where can I wear them???

I get funny looks when I wear my pleather leggings around Philly…I can just imagine the stares and whispers around Rittenhouse Square when I hobble along in these masterpieces!!


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