I actually had to turn the seat warmers on in my car last night which must mean that coat weather is right around the corner!  I can’t say that I’m excited for 30 degree highs, snow or being pale, but I am excited to wear my new coat that I posted a few weeks ago.  

I typically shop on for bedding, linens and the occasional piece of accent furniture (shipping only cost $2 for everything!) but while browsing the women’s section I came across some really nice coats from Miss Sixty.  I bought an amazing down coat from them last year and it is one of the best fitting and warmest coats I have ever owned.  I also found it at Filene’s for $89 (marked down from $279) so it was a deal I couldn’t resist.  

Typically, Miss Sixty is one of those brands I ignore since I most of their stuff is incredibly overpriced, but I can honestly say that their fit is amazing and they always cut on the slim side which helps when you’re trying to look good in a puffy parka or a heavy-weight wool coat…no one needs to look bigger then they already are.  Here are two of my favorites but check out their entire selection priced between $99-$169.99 on Overstock.


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