OTK Boots = Fire

I’ve been getting some emails about the OTK (over the knee) boots I posted a few days ago and people are wondering how to rock them without looking like a hooker or a pirate.  I too had my doubts when I first saw them, but paired with the right outfit you can come off looking oh-so chic!

Here’s a few suggestions to help ease you into them:

OTK Boots by cheapchica11

1. Since the boots aren’t black (and those are the ones you have to worry about looking hooker-y), I’m all for pairing them with a cute mini-skirt.  You should also go for a something long sleeved on top to balance out the shortness of the skirt…especially if you opt out of the tights.   

2. This is my favorite look!  I really like skinny jeans (try grey ones) tucked into the boots…and this is really what these boots were designed for!  It’s very Carine Roitfeld and paired with the chunky cardigan sweater it looks like you didn’t even try.

3. If you’re looking for a flat boot that doesn’t read pirate, make sure it’s in suede and NOT leather.  The leather ones are too shiny and way too swashbuckling for me!  When you wear them with a short flirty dress the look is feminine and really fun.  Textured tights are optional with this one since you’re forgoing the heel.

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