How To: Tunics

This is one of the most versatile pieces you can buy to help add legs to your closet.  Tunics look effortlessly chic when paired with the right accessories and layered with complimentary pieces.  Being the frugal fashionista that I am, I love nothing more than being able to reincarnate one piece into several different outfits that I can wear for multiple occassions: Work, Daytime, and Night! 

Tunics by cheapchica11

Work: Pair it with cute ballet flats and tights now that the weather is cooling down for an office-chic look.  If you want to add some flair, add a great belt to help define your waist and to give the tunic a completely different silhouette.  And if you happen to work in a more conservative office, pair it with a blazer to help give it a more corporate look.

Daytime: Comfort is key when I’m running around all day doing errands and since I’m not a morning person, I don’t want to have to think when I’m getting dressed.  A tunic is a easy solution when paired with a great, flat riding boot and an oversized cardigan.  The sweater helps break up the color/pattern by adding texture and depth to your outfit.

Night: Nothing looks hotter than a mini-dress paired with sky-high platform shoes.  Add statement jewelry, like bold cuffs, a cocktail ring or layered necklaces to inject some glamour and shine–just don’t wear them all at the same time.  If you live somewhere cold, you will need to add textured tights and a shrunken jacket to make this look work during the Winter months.  Either way, you can’t go wrong! 

PS:  Make sure the tunic is long enough so it doesn’t look like you left your pants at home.

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