I’m totally over…

Menswear inspired vests and sequin dresses.  They’ve both been around for too long now and I can’t stand to see one more Kate Moss wannabe in her too tight vest or another girl on New Year’s Eve losing sequins all over the dance floor.  I am however a huge fan of their lovechild…the sequined vest!

The look is totally fresh and it can instantly update a basic black pant/white tee combo!  This vest from Urban Outfitters is $88 which is a little pricey, but you have to take the price/wear ratio into consideration with this purchase.  I can think of 10 outfits, currently in my closet, that could be much cooler if I added just this one piece…and at $8.80/wear it’s a deal I can’t pass up.  

In all honestly, I’m a huge fan of anything that sparkles (it’s the Texas in me) so if you insist on wearing sequins like I do, try to find them in unexpected colors and patterns, like this unique clutch, to avoid looking passe and like a beauty pageant reject.

Twelve by Twelve Clutch, $16




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