Why didn’t I…

think of this?  Galoshes for your heels…GENIUS!  SWIMS, a Scandinavian company known for making stylish galoshes just released the City Slipper high heel. It’s a simple silicon sleeve that you slip over your shoe to protect it from the rain and elements.  This new style incorporates a special cut-out for the heel so now you can even wear your suede Louboutins on the stormiest of days!

Like the other SWIMS products, the design of the City Slipper is simple and beautiful and in line with company’s Scandanavian heritage. In addition, the design incorporates lots of great details both for practical and aesthetic reasons.

  • Extra traction for slippery surfaces.
  • The sole of each CitySlipper has the map of either New York, Paris or Tokyo.
  • Pull on/off grip and the soft siliconpad on the sides makes it very convenient.
  • Flexible design to fit almost any heel height and thickness due to flexible material and construction.
  • Protection for the delicate leather/suede sole of your shoe and the tip of the shoe against the elements.
I have to say it again…GENIUS.

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