The Olsen’s are two of my favorite little fashionistas and although I don’t always agree with their style choices, you have to give them points for creativity and ingenuity with their style.  When I saw this picture today I had to post it b/c that’s exactly how I feel/look when I’m photographed in a group…like I’m in 3rd grade standing with a bunch of high-schoolers! =) The twins look teensy next to those super-sized models, but they look FAB. It just goes to show that you don’t have to be 5’9″ or 100lbs to rock runway looks!


As for Ashley’s outfit, I’m totally loving her leather leggings and oversized coat, but I’m not loving the corset so much.  It’s a little too short and on someone not as petite and demure as she is, a little too Hollywood Blvd. Pick something looser for the top to balance the skin-tightness of the leggings and the whole look will work much better. I would try something flowy, with ruffles to soften up the overall feel and go for rock ‘n’ roll style accessories, like these killer zippered gladiator heels, instead! BTW, the shoes are only $29.99 at!!!


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