Trend Alert

This season you can’t help but notice all of the gorgeous feather details on bags, dresses and in every conceivable piece of jewelry imaginable.  Blame it on Carrie and the SATC movie for starting the trend by pairing that incredible Feragamo feather clutch with her poofy pink dress!

I think feathers are a fun way to add a little bit of vintage glamour to any outfit and with so many options at such affordable prices, this is a trend you have to try.  The key to the trend is elegance: no bright pink faux-feather boas, please. Stick to ostrich and peacock feathers and remember to wear just one feather accessory at a time!

Links: Headband $24, Necklace $5.80, Earings $3.80, Carrie’s Clutch $33


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One response to “Trend Alert

  1. yourbestfriend

    yeah, speaking of things with feathers on them-how do you feel about FEATHER HEADBANDS?

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