Little Coats

I’m really liking the whole shrunken jacket/coat/blazer look right now and I’ve totally fallen in love with a embellished tweed jacket and this PRPS Motorcycle jacket, but they are so out of my price range that I don’t even want to discuss it.

Lucky for me, I’m here in Newport which is equidistant from both Fashion Island and South Coast Plaza (I Die.) where I was able to find one of the two in an even cuter style than the original one I had my eye on.

I’m LOVING the pyramid stud details on the trim and it really makes it look so much more expensive than what I actually paid for it.  The whole look is very Chanel meets Led Zepplin and IMO it totally works!  It was only $39 at F21, but it’s from their TwelvebyTwelve line, which is their new “high-end” line, if you can consider $29-69 retails, high end.  It also came in a fancy shopping bag instead of the usual banana yellow ones that scream “I’m cheap”!  The F21 at Fashion Island, where I found this jem, is one of only 3 stores that carries the TwelvebyTwelve line and I’m so excited that I got to see the full collection. You can check it out online here or if you happen to live in LA, the Beverly Center and the Grove stores carry it as well.

For the leather style, try this version at Alloy for a similar look at a fraction of the cost


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