Going-Going, Back-Back, to Cali-Cali

I’m so excited to be here in Newport Beach, CA for a girls-only trip to celebrate my Mom’s birthday….but I won’t reveal her age because she might just kill me!

The thing I love most about coming to the West Coast, besides the glorious sunshine, is taking in all the fashion!  I love seeing the differences between East and West Coast style and I enjoy seeing how Californians always walk that fine line between casual and frumpy.

I like to call the look coastal casual-luxe, because sometimes it costs a lot of money to look that laid back!  The women out here always manage to look effortlessly chic and like they’re not trying.  Think Cameron Diaz or Rachel Bilson…

So in an effort to blend in and not make everyone think I’m on my way to a funeral in all my black attire, I’ve put together a list of Cali style essentials that will work perfectly for my trip:

1. Skinny or Wide-Leg Jeans in a light wash

2. Loose but well fitting T’s in 3/4 or long sleeves (preferably in a stone or cream color to show off my newly acquired tan!)

3. Light-weight leather (or pleather b/c it’s easier on the wallet) jacket or blazer for cool nights

4. A great silk scarf in a eye-catching print

5. SUNGLASSES-Try a Wayfarer or a Vintage inspired style

6. Flat Gladiator Sandals for day or Wedges for night

I can make endless outfit combinations with just these basic pieces and with the help of my newly touched up blonde hair thanks to Mark Garison, I can start to fit in with all of the stylish locals at Fashion Island!


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