Shade Snob

It was a gorgeous day here in Newport-quelle surpirse– and I’m starting to think that there must be some kind of government mandate that each California state resident must own the latest and hottest sunglasses available in in the marketplace.  Just going to get gas, I saw at least 5 pairs that I must have!  


Unfortunately, I also noticed that I kept gravitating towards Chanel and Tom Ford styles that retail anywhere between $300-$400.  How do I know you ask??? Because I was dying for a pair about six months ago and I ended up purchasing the pair below pair on EBAY for $199.

Back then, I thought that was a damn good deal, but check out the selection of shades at which are all priced under $19.99!  

They have every style you could ever want including classics like Aviators and Wayfarers, designer-inspired replicas so good you’ll have everyone fooled, and an incredible selection of vintage-inspired styles that look like they came out of a glass case at Decades on Melrose.


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