Comfort vs. Style

Anyone that knows me well, knows that I hate wearing sneakers for any other reason that athletic activity-which I do very rarely.  I think they’re bulky, masculine and they really don’t go with anything other than gym clothes.  I know I sound like Posh Spice when I declare sneakers totally unfashionable…but unlike Posh, I don’t have a chauffeured town car lifestyle, so on a day like today, when I want to take advantage of this amazing Fall weather and walk around the city…what does one wear??

Personally, I was never a big Vans fan.  In my mind, their shoes evoked images of punk-y skateboarders that were trying to run me over as I crossed the street, but then I found their adorable Vans KVD style and I had my perfect combo of a sneaker that was both comfortable and stylish at the same time.

I always say don’t mess with good thing, so go for their classic B/W checkered style and pair it with all of your basics: white tee, black leggings, and an over-sized cardigan.  I think even Posh could approve of this look!

Links: Cardigan $20, Leggings $6.99, V-Neck Tee $10.80, Vans KVD $19.99


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