Wrap it Up!

Scarves have been a staple for French women for years, but this season we’re really seeing them come to life in longer lengths and bold prints!  And as the temperatures drop, I’m sure you’ll want to pick up one of Fall’s hottest accessories to add a little style to your everyday look. The options for wearing them are endless, but people are always asking me how to wear one and completely confused about what to wear it with.  Here are some fun ways to help you add a practical and pretty punch to any outfit:

1. Tie the ends together and loop it around your neck to draw attention to your face

2.    Wrap it around twice and let the ends hang down casually for some great visual interest

3.    Use it as a wrap around your shoulders to keep you warm on cool Fall nights

The materials, colors and textures available are unlimited, so pick up a bold print in a lightweight fabric and add some bohemian flair to any outfit!  But remember, if you pick a print, keep the rest of the outfit simple and clean just like Rihanna and Kate so your scarf doesn’t have to battle with the rest of the outfit for the spotlight.

Check out these great options from Old Navy starting at just $5.99…now you really don’t have an excuse not to try one!


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