How NOT to wear a LBD

I mean really Jessica, REALLY?  With access to stylists and all that money, this is what you chose to wear on national television????

Let’s start with the picture on left because at least she had on good shoes.  I love the whole one shoulder look as you already know, but this has got to be the worst interpretation of this style I have yet to see.  The bubble hem, the bat wing, the pleats and WTF is going on with her arm?  It’s so awkward and we know you have 2 arms…you don’t have to show us with the swan pose and draw even more attention to that hideous wing of a thing.

Now for the second look.  This looks like something from the clearance rack at Wet Seal that they marked down to $7.99 and still no one would buy it…well, except for Jessica of course.  The ruching on the bodice makes her look like the Michelin Man, the hemline hits her at the widest part of her thigh and manages to make her look chubby, and I’m at a total loss for words-which doesn’t happen often- for that center V-shaped crochet hot mess of a thing.  Ew!

Remember girls, just cause it’s little and black does not make it chic.  Try these versions of a LBD instead…


with a full skirt and lace for a sophisticated, yet sexy look,


with flirty ruffles and a fun dot pattern for date night or an event,


and this great versatile sheath can go from work to play with just a few accessories!!


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