I’m clearly full of questions today, but here’s another one that I’m totally stumped on…and not stumped as in should I or shouldn’t I…it’s more like why, oh why?

Now I totally get this is perfectly in line with the boho-luxe trend we see every fall, but this takes it just to the precipice of costume-y.  I’m ok with it in the glossy editorials of my favorite fashion magazines, but I just can’t agree with it when it’s on the girl in front of me in the Starbucks line.  Sorry, Melis! =)

And…notice how LC has it on her hairline instead of in the center of her forehead???  It’s as if her good fashion instincts were screaming “NO!” but Lo insisted she wear it so she just kind of half-assed the look!


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One response to “Headband?

  1. yourbestfriend

    i make that look good and you know it….theres are reason you stole it from me!!!

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