My ten year high school reunion is right around the corner and while I won’t be attending, I can’t help but feel a little nostalgic as I look at the invite.  One of my favorite memories from high school was cheerleading at Friday night football games and being the budding fashioista that I was, wearing those adorable uniforms or cheer outfits as I prefer to call them now.  I know, I know!  I couldn’t be more of a cliche…a blonde cheerleader from Texas…but in my defense, I was a brunette back in those days!  

My uniform was 100% polyester and I coudn’t help but love it oh-so much.  I started to think about fashion and cheerleading and how big name designers, like Vera Wang, have made their fashion stamp on the sport.  In 2003, she designed the new uniforms for the Eagles Cheerleaders and this was the sad result:


Was she serious with these “designs”?  Where’s the high-fashion, the details, the workmanship, the embellishments??  I suggest Vera stick to designing couture wedding gowns and low-budget lines for Kohl’s.  These girls looks like they went Dick’s Sporting Goods, found some white sports bras and just decided to grab some pom-poms on the way out.  And BTW, taking away the skirt is cheerleading blasphemy.   No one can get away with white short-shorts (that double as underwear) on the field except for the Dallas Cowboy Cheerleaders.  Their uniform is vintage, timeless, and those white boots are killer!

And if you happen to have a pair of those white boots in your closet, here are some great ideas on how to wear them without looking like a cheerleader reject.

Stick to a dark neutral pallette of blacks and greys and keep the accessories simple…these boots are the lone star of your outfit!


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