Travel Traumas

Yesterday was one of those incredibly frustrating travel days that you can’t even wish on your own worst enemy courtesy of  my favorite airline, US Airways.  This is the LAST time I ever travel with them…I don’t care how much more I have to pay for American (Tip: Use SideStep for the best travel deals)!

Anyway, since I spent about 7 hours of my day in the airport I noticed how horribly people dress when they travel.  They must think they become invisible once they cross the security checkpoint and that what their wearing gets a free fashion pass just because they’re en route to Milwaukee.  Sorry guys, no such luck here. Here’s a pictorial of some of my favorite airport offenses:

Head-to-Toe Juicy        Adult Crocs        Cute-sy Luggage      

After seeing repeat offender after repeat offender, I got to thinking about what would be a comfortable yet stylish outfit perfectly suited for travel and then I saw her…

wearing a comfortable white tee, long black blazer, dark skinny jeans, black snake skin flats, and carrying the perfect travel accessory…a gorgeous, roomy and elegant carry-on bag.  Try this outfit next time  you fly the friendly skies and leave the items above for children under the age of 12.  










Links: Blazer, Jeans, Handbag, Shoes

NOTE:  If you’re traveling 12+ hours then you do get a free pass and go ahead and wear an adult onesie for all I care!


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  1. yourbestfriend

    Oh Cheap Chica you do crack me up!!! I think you forgot another VERY important exception to the terry comfy pant rule: 6am flights after being up until 4am. (you know–youve been there)

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