A. Britney : US Weekly

B. Obama : White House

C. Bikini : Summer

D. All of the Above

The correct answer is D!!!

Great boots are a must-have item for Fall and finding the perfect pair can sometimes be frustrating, which is why I have to share my EBAY gems with you today.  If you don’t yet have an EBAY account…what are you waiting for?  GET ONE! It is one of the best places on-line to find incredible deals on shoes, handbags, and even clothes.  Now if you think wearing someone else’s used stuff is gross then get over it.  Send it to the dry cleaners, get some new insoles, spray some anti-bacterial in/on it…problem solved!

$19.99                                 $21.95                            $22.99

I found these killer vintage boots in the last few weeks and I am complete in awe of them.  Where can you find leather boots like this for under $25???  They’re all one-of-a-kind, I don’t have to worry that everyone will also be wearing them, and-huge plus- they’re already broken in for me.  Do a search for “vintage boots (insert your size here)” and see what footwear wonderment awaits you!!

PS:  Always look for the orange “Free Shipping” icon and it will save you serious cash!!

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  1. dnova427

    ok..these are really cute, thanks for the tip.

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