Welcome to CheapChica!

Any good fashion magazine will give you great ideas on how to get a look for under $100, but then you end up looking like you only spent $100.  The real challenge then becomes, how do you look like a million dollars when you’re totally on a budget???  Well, here’s the lowdown on me:

  • I love fashion.
  • I love to get dressed up.
  • I love to shop…for anything.
  • I love to get “deals” (my husbands word, not mine).
  • I don’t like to spend more than $50 per item.

These 5 pillars of mine pretty much drive the fact that I will shop anywhere and I will comparison shop like it’s a competitive sport in the Olympics.  I also believe that investing in certain critical pieces will always up the ante of your look and let you get away with wearing a $9.99 shirt from Old Navy.  And, of course, confidence helps.

I hope this blog will allow me to share my latest finds, address your fashion dilemmas and most importantly, that reading this will open your eyes to new trends, fun ideas and help you save lots of cash in the process. After all, looking good has nothing to do with money! 😉


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